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Residential Evaluation


"Residential Evaluation" is a clicker game in which the player is tasked with evaluating and improving a single residential property. The game involves clicking on various parts of the house to assess their condition, making repairs and upgrades, and ultimately selling the property for a profit. As the player progresses, they earn money to invest in new tools and upgrades that allow them to evaluate and improve the property more efficiently. The game is designed to be both entertaining and educational, as players learn about the various aspects of property evaluation and maintenance.


Coming soon!

Tools Used
  • Unreal Engine version 4.27.2
  • C++
  • Unreal Engine blueprints and widgets
  • Steamworks SDK
  • What I Learned From This Project
  • How to save and load user's progress in files on user's device
  • How to have a timer/counter always running in the background, no matter which widget the user is viewing
  • How to upload a game to Steam
  • How to add achievements that show up on user's Steam account
  • How to save and load data from the Steam Cloud