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Turn and Fortune


"Turn and Fortune" is a thrilling card game that puts you in the shoes of a fisherman who wants to be the best in the business. As you dive into the world of card games, you soon realize that you have 10 turns to make your mark and amass the most gold and fish. The game is simple - choose three of the nine cards available, and then pick one option from each card to gain or lose gold and fish. But beware! Every turn ends with a special trade offer that could make or break your fortune. The game is built using Unreal Engine, with a focus on using simple shapes and vibrant colors to make the gameplay more engaging. Dive into this world and see if you have what it takes to be the ultimate fisherman and card game master.

Video Timestamps

0:00 - Portion of introduction dialogue/scene.

0:38 - Start of tutorial/gameplay. Top left shows the player's information like their name, the amount of gold they currently have, the amount of gold they currently get for each turn, the amount of fish they currently have, and the amount of fish they currently get for each turn. In the top/center of the screen, it shows what turn number you are on and how many card flips you have left for the current turn. On the top right, there is a button that allows you to open you inventory.

1:03 - Shows the values of the card that you have chosen and allows you to chose one of the two options listed on the card.

1:21 - Shows the special event and allows you to accept or decline the shown event. For some of the events, your decision can also affect the game in the future, so be careful!

1:25 - Shows the turn summary of the turn that you just finished. This summary includes the turn number, how much gold, gold per turn, fish, and fish per turn that you gained or lost during that turn, and what items you recieved.

1:35 - shows your current inventory. By hovering over each item, you can see the name of the item, and in the bottom left corner of each item, you can see how much you have of that item.

2:37 - Shows the game over screen, the stats that you finished the game with, and a button that allows you to play the game again.

Tools Used
  • Unreal Engine version 4.27.2
  • C++
  • Unreal Engine blueprints and widgets
  • What I Learned From This Project
  • How to utilize the game instance in Unreal Engine to store variables that can be used across different widgets
  • How to add music playing in the background (without stopping between changing widgets)
  • How to make a fully working inventory system (where you can "collect" and "use" the items)
  • How to use structures in Unreal Engine to be able to store the card values and special event information easier